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Dynasound Inc
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Dynasound Inc


Dynasound provides sound masking specification and design services. Members of our design team share over 50 combined years of sound masking design and project management.


Founded in 1975, Dynasound has pioneered the development and application of sound masking systems for millions of square feet of commercial office space, military bases and defense contractors.


Networked audio, with addressable speakers has become the preferred approach to sound masking, paging and music distribution. While offering the utmost in flexibility and control, Dynasound networked systems consist of a few easy to specify components, use standard network hardware, are CobraNet ready and allow control of every speaker individually.


Centralized sound masking systems are made up of speakers, hard-wired together, with all speakers in a hard-wired zone receiving the same audio signal. For office environments that have consistent acoustical conditions, and basic paging requirements, centralized systems remain a good choice.

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