General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc
5, Montée des Arsenaux Repentigny
Québec J5Z 2P4

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada Inc


General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems-Canada Inc. (GD-OTS Canada)  is a world-class developer and manufacturer of ammunition adapted to the needs of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies.



The company has a work force of 1,450 employees. As prime contractor and ammunition system integrator, GD-OTS Canada is designated by the Canadian government as the centre of excellence for the maintenance and further development of an industrial defence capability in production, technical know-how and research relating to ammunition products. The company is headquartered in Le Gardeur, Québec and is wholly owned by General Dynamics Corporation.


Company's major products and programs include:

  • Small-caliber ammunition
  •  Medium-caliber ammunition
  •  Large-caliber ammunition
  •  Reduced-energy ammunition
  •  Short-range ammunition
  •  Target simulation
  •  Non-toxic projectile
  •  Non-toxic primer
  •  Frangible ammunition
  •  Infra-red technology
  •  Insensitive munition (IM)
  •  Long-range accuracy
  •  Propellants
  •  Propelling Charges
  •  Fuzes
  •  Brass cartridge cases
  •  Demolition devices
  •  Grenades
  •  Pyrotechnics
  •  and Simunition® product line
Manufacturer of Armaments