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MWT Materials, Inc
90 Dayton Avenue Suite 6E
Passaic, NJ 07055

MWT Materials, Inc


MWT Materials (and its’ predecessor, Millimeter Wave Technology), has been active in the research, development, analysis, and manufacture of radar absorbing materials and coatings (RAM) since the early 1980s.


Company's products were demonstrated to NRL (Naval Research Laboratories), and installed on Naval vessels beginning in 1991. Since then, MWT has had extensive experience with a variety of absorbers based on standard and proprietary absorption techniques. 


Located in Passaic, New Jersey, MWT caters to the needs of numerous technology intensive industries including the US Government and its’ contractors.


MWT Materials provides:

  • RF Shielding
  • Magnetic RF Absorbers
  • Electrical RF Absorbers
  • RF Test Equipment
  • Medical Products
  • Anti-Ablation Coating
  • Custom RF Control Products
Manufacturer of Armaments