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Teal Group Corporation
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Teal Group Corporation


Teal Group is a team of experienced analysts and service professionals founded in 1988 to research and publish timely, accurate information on the aerospace and defense industry. Company's products and services are designed to fulfill the requirements of executives, strategic planners, market researchers, government officials, and anyone else that needs to be kept abreast of the latest trends in the defense and aerospace business.


Teal Group's team of analysts covers a diverse range of markets, including aircraft, engines (including industrial and marine gas turbines), military electronics, missiles and smart munitions, UAVs, and space systems. The company also covers these markets from a more general perspective, looking at countries, companies, and US government agencies. Its analysts are sought out by the business community and by the media for their independent insights and forecasts. And its clients trust that they will always receive personalized service.


Teal Group gathers, classifies, and analyzes information from a wide range of sources. To the data Teal Group adds insightful analysis, as well as 10-year production and funding forecasts. Company's analysis and forecasting is available on a weekly, monthly, or customized basis, and can be delivered in print, CD or online.