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TerraSim Inc


A US-owned, privately held corporation, TerraSim® specializes in the development of products with state-of-the-art technology for rapid, high-fidelity geospatial visualization. Company's technology is integrated into flexible and easy-to-use tools that support visual simulation, constructive simulation, and interactive 3D GIS. As a leading geospatial technology company, TerraSim's business model encompasses sales and support of commercial off-the-shelf software, geospatial visualization services, and advanced research and development.


TerraSim develops and markets TerraTools® and a series of source data preparation products, including DEMTools, MaterialMAP, RoadMAP, and Xtract. Various TerraTools plug-ins and extensions for TerraSim products are constantly being researched, developed, and released. TerraSim's products have been competitively adopted worldwide for advanced modeling and simulation programs and projects.


TerraSim software solutions are used in three major market segments, each sharing the common requirement of rapid production of 3D visualizations from heterogeneous user data. Defense modeling and simulation, site modeling and intelligence database preparation, and civil applications including city and regional planning, represent unique markets for TerraSim's products and services. The power of the TerraTools Core approach is to support the advanced processing of cartographic vector data, 3D object models, and remotely sensed imagery compiled into highly accurate real world environments.


TerraSim provides geospatial project analysis and database construction services for one-of-a-kind specialized 3D visualizations and conversion of legacy modeling and simulation databases.

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In April 2013, TerraSim became a part of Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), the industry leader in the application of video game technology to large scale systems for defense modeling, simulation, and training.