United States of America

Warren-Knight Instrument Company
2045 Bennett Road
Philadelphia, PA 19116-3019

Warren-Knight Instrument Company


Warren-Knight Instrument Company provides optical and electronic alignment systems, angle measuring, distance measuring, and leveling capabilities that are reliable and accurate throughout the world. The company manufactures quality precision instruments for aerospace, engineering, meteorological, metrological, nautical and surveying applications that meet its customer’s needs.


Company's range of products includes:

  • Boresights
  • Clinometers/Inclinometers
  • Custom Design
  • Leveling
  • Navigation
  • Theodolites
  • Stands & Tripods
  • Optical Tooling


Warren-Knight Instrument’s repair and calibration shop will repair and calibrate any optical and/or mechanical alignment, leveling or angle measuring instrument. The company also repairs and services any surveying and construction equipment, optical alignment fixture, and other testing and calibrating instruments required for the complete repair, overhaul and calibration of client's instrument.

Manufacturer of Armaments
Parent/ Major Shareholders

Warren Industries Inc