United States of America

Warren-Knight Instrument Company
2045 Bennett Road
Philadelphia, PA 19116-3019

Warren-Knight Instrument Company

Defense Products & Services Sectors: Balloons, meteorological
Companies & Organizations: Warren-Knight Instrument Company
Description: Ceiling & Pilot Balloons

Ceiling & Pilot Balloons

Scale Ball Clinometers Angle Measuring Equipment

Spirit Level Vials Angle Measuring Equipment

Survey & Navigational Sextants

WK Binocular System: Binoculars, Carriage, Base

WK-13-7500 Telescopic Marine Alidade

WK-20-8350 Telemetering Theodolite

WK-20-8403 Pilot Balloon Theodolite

WK-20-8500 Observation Theodolite

WK-20-9100 Series Electronic Meteorological Theodolite

WK-20-9500 Series Electronic Mechanical Meteorological Theodolite (EMMT)

WK-20-9600 Series Compact Electronic Meteorological Theodolite System (CEMT)

WK-22-2090 Ceiling Height Sight Clinometer

WK-23-1190 Optical Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-1990 Propeller Protractor Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2010 Vernier Clinometers Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2052 Drum Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2054 Drum Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2060 Quadrant Level Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2070 Pendulum Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-2080 Pendulum Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-23-4000 Series Block Level Angle Measuring Equipment

WK-29-5123-M 20mm Video Boresight System

WK-29-5131-M 30mm Video Boresight System

WK-29-5171-M 76mm Video Boresight System

WK-29-5393C Boresight Retention Telescope

WK-29-8050 Boresight Telescope

WK-29-8050A Machine Alignment Boresight

WK-29-8100 Series Breech Boresights

WK-29-8125 120mm Boresight

WK-29-8200 7.62mm Boresight

WK-29-9135F Boresight Fixtures

WK-29-9654 Boresight for Decoy Launcher System

WK-33-5100 Wireless Link Boresight Assembly

WK-40-1300 Surveyors Compass

WK-90-5410 Pibal System for PC’s and PDA