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Western Filament Inc
630 Hollingsworth Street
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Western Filament Inc


Western Filament, Inc. is an organization which had combined its rich history with the ability to continually adapt to market and technology changes in order to provide customers with innovative, high quality, and superior products.


With the introduction of nylon in the 1940’s (the first synthetic fiber) Western Filament, Inc. was influential in the development of specifications and manufacturing requirements for parachute cords. Today, the company is focused on more high-tech industrial oriented products using synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, Nomex®, Kevlar®, Nextel® (ceramic, PTFE, PEEK®, Ryton®, Halar®, Vectran®, and Spectra® which are targeted for the Motor Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Textile markets.

Manufacturer of Armaments