HEMUS 2020

05/27/2020 to 05/30/2020


4003 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
37, Tzar Boris III - Obedinitel Blvd.
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Organizer Contact Information:


“Hemus Consult" Ltd., 116, „Hristo Botev” bul., office 6,
4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 32 620 300
Fax: +359 32 620 333

“Hemus 95” Foundation. Main partners: The International Fair Plovdiv and The Bulgarian Defence Industry Association. Under the auspices of Ministry of Defence and Ministry for Economics of Republic of Bulgaria.



Main domains include but are not limited to Products and Services in the areas of: . Land Forces . Air Forces . Navy . Joint Capabilities, Combat Support, Logistics . Antiterrorism, Cyber Security, Border Security, Strategic Communications, UAV’s . Science, Education, Innovations, R&D, Testing and Evaluation, S&T.



HEMUS 2020

“HEMUS” addresses all Bulgarian and foreign producers, traders, experts, representatives of national and foreign governmental institutions, international organizations, scientific and educational bodies and institutions, non-profit organizations etc., and provides an international showcase for their innovations, R&D activities, defence equipment, products and services and their acquisition in the broad spectrum of Security and Defence. In 2018 among the exhibitors were leading world companies from Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Canada, China, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, USA, Turkey, Finland, France and Czech Republic. The Bulgarian Academia and Universities expanded their participation, with number of scientific and higher education units. The Exhibition’s trade parameters recorded its most significant growth for now.


We have partnership with: travel agencies, hotels, logistics service providers and others, which will offer our exhibitors convenient price and quality services.


Sponsorship packages. Tailor-made advertising and PR solutions. Presentation.


Covered pavilion area of above 10 700 sq.m. and open area of over 20 000 sq.m.


The previous edition in 2018 attracted significant number of national official delegations, VIPs from the European Commission, the European Defence Agency, NATO Agencies, Ambassadors, Defence and Trade Attaches and many other high ranking decision-makers. Also, we hosted the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Defence and Members of Parliament, Deputy Prime Ministers, Deputy Ministers, the Chief of Defence, the Chiefs of the Services, Generals, Admirals and many other high ranking decision-makers. For the Silver Jubilee Exhibition’s Edition in 2020 official delegations from over 60 countries, as well as representatives from NATO and its Agencies, EU and European Defence Agency are to be invited in due time.



Accompanying Events


X-th International Scientific Conference - dedicated on Defence Research, Technology and Innovation and Industrial cooperation in interest of Security and Defence. 

Industrial Forum - aiming to investment, joint research and development.

Live Demonstrations and Live Firings at Military Test Range – offer opportunity to demonstrate product’s mobility, functionality and firepower.

Meetings - extended opportunities for ‘b2b’, ‘b2g’ and ‘g2g’ meetings.



HEMUS 2020

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Tel.: +359 32 620 300.

Mob.: +359 876 676 033.


Address: Office 6, 116 Hristo Botev blvd., 4000, Plovdiv, BULGARIA.


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