Aero Cougar Non-lethal Grenade Launcher by Etienne Lacroix

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Etienne Lacroix
Route de Gaudiès

It equips UAVs with a launcher payload to provide an alternative approach to area protection missions.



Lacroix's SPHINX NT system combines detection and reaction capabilities for area protection (camp, compound, FOB, critical infrastructure, etc.) It benefits from Lacroix's expertise developed in critical infrastructure, vehicle and ship protection.


The Sphinx NT is a modular and portable system. It is quickly deployable, enabling it to operate during set up of or retreat from an area to be protected; in the event of locally degraded protection; ensure area protection while personnel is on mission.


Sphinx NT is fully compliant with the Ottawa Treaty, ensuring safe remote control (Man in the Loop) of arming and firing.

Defense Products & Services: Aero Cougar Non-lethal Grenade Launcher by Etienne Lacroix
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Country: France
Description: Aero Cougar Non-lethal Grenade Launcher
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