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The compact, lightweight R&S®GX460 (AMREC) is a low-power consumption device that is ideal for use in mobile signal interception systems and in combination with the R&S®AMMOS GX400 VXI-based monitoring solution, R&S®CA120 multichannel signal analysis and with most Rohde & Schwarz receivers and direction finders.


Key facts


Sustained data transfer rate for recording baseband I/Q data with a maximum bandwidth of 10 MHz or 40 MHz

Available in a non-mobile version with HDDs for stationary applications

Available in a mobile version with SSDs for use in vehicles

Up to 2 Tbyte of removable storage

Recording of various data formats (symbol, image, audio, FFT, etc.)

Various recording and replaying modes, such as continuous recording

Spectrum overview


Features & Benefits


Ideal for mobile applications

- Easy integration into mobile solutions:

The R&S®GX460 is a lightweight (< 7 kg), low-power (< 100 W) digital wideband storage device. It can be equipped with a DC supply. The R&S®GX460 interfaces with Rohde & Schwarz receivers and direction finders to record and replay signal scenarios. In mobile solutions, the R&S®GX460 can be used to record signal scenarios online at remote locations, for subsequent offline analysis, processing, and archiving at a central station. This ensures that no emissions remain unprocessed or go undetected.


Mobile R&S®GX460 devices are configured with a solid state drive to facilitate operation in environments involving high temperatures, shock, vibration, and humidity.


- Easy-to-exchange storage medium:

R&S®GX460 uses memory packs which can be easily exchanged to facilitate data interchange between stations (e.g. between mobile and fixed stations).


Compact, 3 HU, ½ 19" format

The R&S®GX460 is a compact digital data recording and replaying device. Its format (3 HU, ½ 19") facilitates rackmounting together with Rohde & Schwarz compact receivers, such as the R&S®EB500 monitoring receiver. The stainless steel frame and solid-state storage medium make the R&S®GX460 suitable for operation under the extreme conditions encountered in mobile operations. The storage medium is simple to insert and remove, making it easy to exchange data between mobile and fixed stations.


Recording and replaying

Depending on the configuration and the type of receiver or direction finder used, the R&S®GX460 is able to record scenarios which can be replayed later using the receiver or direction finder. The storage capacity is only limited by the capacity of the storage medium used. A scenario can be replayed repeatedly (loop mode).


Network interface

With a 1 Gbit Ethernet interface, the R&S®GX460 can be used for recording and replaying scenarios with a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz and for controlling the device. Additionally, the R&S®GX460 can be configured with the following: 10[[mbsp]]Gbit Ethernet (either electrical or optical), data transfer for the R&S®ESMD or R&S®DDF255; the maximum data transfer is sufficient to handle scenarios with up to 40 MHz bandwidth, see table "Interface with products from Rohde & Schwarz".


Control interface

The R&S®GX460 is controlled via the 1 Gbit Ethernet interface. Control interface commands supported by the R&S®GX460 include:


- Storage status query (free/used storage space)

- Query list of recordings

- Tagging of recordings with comments

- History function for facilitating the setting of comments for recordings in relation to time stamps

- Export and import of recordings using file transfer protocol (FTP) or via Windows (SMB) network share

- Deleting of specific recordings

- Attachment of a write-protect tag to specific recordings

- Navigation in large recordings

- Built-in test (BIT) performance of the power-up procedure and consistency check

- Query of faults log file: faults are also sent via the remote interface




Simultaneous recording and replaying

R&S®GX460 can simultaneously record and replay:


- Up to 128 signals with 30 kHz bandwidth via 1 Gbit LAN or

- Up to 32 signals with 300/500 kHz bandwidth via 1 Gbit LAN or

- Up to 20 signals with 1 MHz bandwidth via 1 Gbit LAN or

- Up to 4 signals with 5 MHz bandwidth via 1 Gbit LAN or

- 2 signals with 10 MHz bandwidth via 1 Gbit LAN or

- 2 signals with max. 20 MHz bandwidth via 10 Gbit LAN or

- 1 signal with max. 40 MHz bandwidth via 10 Gbit LAN


Interface with products from Rohde & Schwarz

                                  R&S®GX460 option/feature

Product                      R&S®GX460      R&S®GX460-10G     Recording I/Q           Replaying I/Q


R&S®EB500                  5 MHz                     NA                              •                                 –


R&S®ESMD                  10 MHz                   20 MHz                       •                                 •

(FFM)                                                            40 MHz1)


R&S®DDF255               10 MHz                   20 MHz                       •                                 •

(receive mode)                                             40 MHz1)



R&S®EM100                 500 kHz                 NA                                •                                 –



R&S®EM550                 1 MHz                    NA                               •                                  –


R&S®GX400                  250 kHz                 NA                               •                                  •


R&S®CA120                  300 kHz                 NA                               •                                  •



NA = not available, ● = yes, − = no


1) Only available with the R&S®GX460-SSD option.

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