KG42-Z75 X-Cross Adapter by Rohde & Schwarz

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VHF/UHF signals usually need to be filtered in an ATC system in order to reduce interference caused by other RF signals. In addition to manual filters, automatic filters such as the R&S®FX22X can be used for this task. The R&S®KG42-Z75 X-CROSS ADAPTER makes it possible to control these automatic filters via the R&S®Series4200 radios.


The R&S®KG42-Z75 X-cross adapter allows data to be exchanged between R&S®SERIES4200 Software Defined Radios radios and R&S®FX22X automatic filters in order to adjust the filter frequencies. To achieve this, the R&S®KG42-Z75 X‑cross adapter converts the radios' serial protocol into a parallel BCD signal. The R&S®KG42-Z75 X-cross adapter supports the migration from R&S®SERIES200 to R&S®SERIES4200 Software Defined Radios radios because the existing R&S®FX22X filters do not have to be replaced.


The radio detects if the R&S®KG42-Z75 X-cross adapter or filter fails and displays an appropriate warning. If the power supply is interrupted, the current frequency is saved and then retransmitted to the filter. If the R&S®KG42-Z75 fails completely, the filter continues to function at the current operating frequency.


The radio supplies DC power to the R&S®KG42-Z75 X‑cross adapter and to the automatic filter so that a separate power supply is not necessary. Two through holes are provided for integration of the equipment in ATC standard racks. A debug interface enables Rohde & Schwarz maintenance personnel to update and maintain the equipment.


Key Facts


Control of R&S®FX22X automatic filters for frequency setting via R&S®Series4200 radios

DC power for adapter and filter supplied by radio

Frequency storage in case of power failure

Continued filter operation with current frequency setting if the R&S®KG42-Z75 fails




Electrical data

Power supply                                              19 V to 36 V DC

EMC                                                            in line with

                                                                    EN 55022:2006 + A1:2007,

                                                                    ETSI EN 301 489-1,

                                                                    ETSI EN 301 489-22


Environmental data

Operating temperature range                     –20 °C to +55 °C

Humidity                                                     ± 95 % at +40 °C


Medical data

Dimensions                                                  W × H × D                             65 mm × 21 mm × 137 mm

                                                                                                                  (2.6 in × 0.8 in × 5.4 in)

Weight                                                          X-cross adapter                    180 g (0.4 lb)

                                                                      X-cross adapter with cable   1228 g (2.7 lb)

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