Panzerfaust 3-IT (Improved Tandem) Handheld Antitank Weapon by Dynamit Nobel Defence

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Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH
Dr.-Hermann-Fleck-Allee 8
57299 Burbach

The Panzerfaust 3-IT (Pfz 3-IT) is the latest member in the Panzerfaust 3 family of Dynamit Nobel Defence. With PzF 3-IT main battle tanks with state-of-the-art reactive armor can be effectively engaged from all aspects. The warhead with tandem shaped charge is designed in such a way that all kinds of add-on armour can be defeated.


The warhead of Pzf 3-IT can be used in two operational modes and therefore is also highly effective against secondary targets e.g. to be found in built-up areas. The Pzf 3-IT can be fired from field positions as well as confined spaces. Of course, modern sighting devices, such as night vision optics can be attached to the Pzf 3-IT.


With the optional Dynarange fire control unit it is possible to engage moving targets with high hit probability at ranges up to 600 meters.



Technical Features


Caliber                                  110 mm

Weight                                  14.3 kg

Length (in firing mode)         1.2 m (1.4 m)

Effective range                     11 m to 400 m1)


- Compatible with the standard firing unit and Dynarange fire control sight

- Interface for night vision devices and aiming devices

- Can be fired from confined spaces



1) 600 m with Dynarange fire control sight

Defense Products & Services: Panzerfaust 3-IT (Improved Tandem) Handheld Antitank Weapon by Dynamit Nobel Defence
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Description: Panzerfaust 3-IT (Improved Tandem) Handheld Antitank Weapon
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