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The Will-Burt Pneumatic Locking Mast is a reliable and proven solution for circumstances that call for short, medium and extended deployment periods.


The family of Pneumatic Locking Masts provides light-weight and stable solutions for situations that call for indefinite payload deployment. Each mast section locks, which eliminates the need to rely on air pressure to maintain consistent payload height. The mast sections are constructed of high strength heat treated aluminum with two full length external keys that maintain directional azimuth.


The high pointing accuracy of the Will-Burt Pneumatic Locking Masts ensures that repositioning of the mast will not be required. These masts can be mounted on vehicles or trailers. Typically guy lines are not required for vehicle mounted masts under 60 ft. and field guys are used for heights over 60 ft.




- Full-length External Keys:

Maintains directional azimuth.

- Locking Collars:

Permits indefinite mast extension.

- Low Nested Height:

Allows vertical installation on vehicles and trailers.


Heavy duty models are available in heights up to 134 ft and payload capacities of 225 lbs. Super heavy duty models are available in heights up to 100 ft with payload capacities up to 450 lbs.


Pneumatic Locking Mast Specifications




up to 225 lbs. / 102 kg

up to 134 ft. / 40 m

Super Heavy-Duty

up to 450 lbs. / 204 kg

up to 100 ft. / 30 m

Ultra Heavy-Duty

up to 1,200 lbs. / 544 kg

up to 65 ft. / 20 m

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