RGW 90 WB (Wall Breacher) Recoilles Grenade Weapon by Dynamit Nobel Defence

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Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH
Dr.-Hermann-Fleck-Allee 8
57299 Burbach

Moving freely in built-up areas often is possible only if paths and accesses can be cut into masonry and walls of buildings to avoid being ambushed in narrow streets.


For this purpose a special warhead for the RGW 90 was developed. It perforates the masonry structure by means of an explosively formed particle ring. Additionally the excessive pressure of the explosive charge itself finally pushes out the piece of wall.


In this way the building-structure – in contrast to the effect of the squash head - is not damaged by cracks and the risk of collapsing the building is avoided to a large extent.


Experimental proof of this effect against a variety of wall structures has been provided in severeral test firings. With a second shot it is even possible to remove the reinforcement in double reinforced concrete walls. As all weapons of the RGW 90-series the RGW 90 WB can be fired safely from confined spaces.



Technical Features


Warhead Caliber       174 mm

Weight                       13 kg

Length                       1.0 m

Effective range          10 m to 100 m


- Interface for night vision devices and other aiming devices

- Can be fired from confined spaces

Defense Products & Services: RGW 90 WB (Wall Breacher) Recoilles Grenade Weapon by Dynamit Nobel Defence
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Grenades, combat
Country: Germany
Description: RGW 90 WB (Wall Breacher) Recoilles Grenade Weapon
Source of Information: Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH