WK-23-1190 Optical Clinometer Angle Measuring Equipment by Warren-Knight Instrument Company

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Precision optical clinometers have a 360 degree operating range reading to either 10 seconds or to 1 second. They are used for accurate measurement or setting of angles, calibration, alignment, machine setting, boresighting, fire control alignment, and inspection.


The level indicator is a precision level vial mounted to a precision graduated circle and an optical micrometer graduated at 10 seconds of arc. The standard level vial housing can be replaced with an auto collimating mirror or special worktable. The clinometers can then be used vertically or horizontally as a precision circular measuring table for horizontal use. An accessory base is required. An optical illumination system is available for illumination of the internal scales.




Angular range: 0 to 360°

Graduation interval: 1 or 10 seconds of arc

Can be estimated to: 2 seconds of arc

Readings repeatable to: 5 Seconds of arc

Maximum error between any two readings: 10 seconds of arc

Reference faces of base flat to within: 0-.0005″ (0-.013mm)

Maximum symmetrical load when used horizontally: 5 lbs.

Level vial sensitivity: 20 seconds per division

Base dimensions: 6.5″ x 3″ (165 mm x 76 mm)

Overall height: 8.5″ (215 mm)

Weight: 8.0 lbs. (3.6 kg)





WK-23-1125: Clinometer Worktable

WK-23-1130: Auto-Collimating Mirror

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