WK-29-5131-M 30mm Video Boresight System by Warren-Knight Instrument Company

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The Warren-Knight WK-25-5131M video boresight alignment system is designed to allow for the fast and easy correction of misalignment that can occur in combat system elements.


A compact, high performance camera, calibrated to be concentric with the optical axis of the boresight, transmits the sight line of the element being calibrated. This transmitted image can be used to visually check misalignment between actual point line of gun and the calculated target line as determined by the weapons targeting system.


The Warren-Knight WK-25-5131M is designed specifically to fit inside a 30 mm diameter bore. The boresight features an expanding mandrel insert that is easily secured inside the bore of the gun to ensure maximum surface contact and gun bore centerline concentricity.


The WK-29-5131M video eyepiece is threaded onto the eyepiece assembly and can be removed for routine maintenance. Comes with a 15 meter cable with BNC connector to fit into TV monitor.


The bore fixture assembly is designed with an expandable insert to allow it to be comfortably fitted into the muzzle end of the bore. With fixture inserted, the mandrel sleeve is expanded to allow for snug and secure fit. Once the fixture is in place, the eyepiece assembly is attached to the leveling plate/adapter using locating pins and bolts.


The eyepiece is equipped with thread to accept video eyepiece. Eyepiece assembly including the video eyepiece fits into bore fixture leveling plate/adapter. Either a grid style reticle pattern or a concentric style reticle pattern may be ordered.


The video boresight alignment system should be stored in a clean, climate controlled room at temperature between 5° and 25°C and a relative humidity of 65 ± 15%. The WK-25-5131M is provided with a durable plastic case with foam inserts.


Video eyepiece– video format: CCIR-B.

Connector: BNC connector.

Power supply: 220 volts; 50 Hz integrated.

White balance: full auto.


Bore fixture assembly– length: 71 cm (approx.).

Method of attachment: expandable mandrel sleeve.


Eyepiece assembly– resolution: 0.2 milliradians.

Reticle pattern: cross wire reticle pattern with graduations.

Magnification: 40x power.

Focusing range– Fixed focus: infinity.

Field of view: 2 degrees.

Optics: low reflective, protective coating.


This system makes fire control alignment and calibration easy!

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