WK-29-5171-M 76mm Video Boresight System by Warren-Knight Instrument Company

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Warren-Knight Instrument Company
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The WK-29-5171M’s rugged design features a unique plunger and pad arrangement that secures the instrument inside bore for worry-free operation.


The Warren-Knight boresight alignment system is designed to allow bore alignment in a dynamic environment using a video eyepiece. This boresight system is designed for 76mm diameter boresights. Gun mount bronze bearing collars with symmetrical surface pads and spring plunger type retainers.


The boresight telescope has a resolution of 0.2 millidrians with a cross-wire reticle pattern. It has a 21x magnification power with 46mm clear aperture and fixed focusing range to infinity. The field of view is 2° with low reflective optics.


The bore fixture is 76mm in diameter by 165.12mm in length. The system includes a 15 meter cable with a BNC connector to fit into a TV monitor– in addition to a power supply. The power supply includes 115 to 220 volts, or 50 to 50 Hz.


The WK-29-5171M Warren-Knight video boresight system is available with custom reticle patterns. Warren-Knight offers a full line of video eyepieces that can be conveniently adapted to suit existing equipment.


Video eyepiece– video format: CCIR-B.

Connection: BNC connector.

Power supply: 115 to 220 volts; 50 to 60 Hz.

White balance: full auto.


Bore fixture– dimensions: 76 mm diameter x 165.12 mm length.

Method attachment: symmetrical bearing pads and spring plunger.


Telescope– resolution: 0.2 millidrians.

Reticle pattern: Cross wire reticle pattern with graduations.

Magnification: 21x power with 46mm clear aperture.

Focusing range– fixed focus infinity. Field of view: 2 degrees.

Optics: low reflective, protective coating.


This system is the perfect choice for weapons systems confidence checking!

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