2CA / Concept Composites Auvergne
Zi De Vaureil
63220 Arlanc

2CA / Concept Composites Auvergne


2CA works on strategic projects in partnership with armaments manufacturers. Our teams operate on missile programs, drone, military vehicles, planes and helicopters.


The production of high-precision composite parts is essential to the success of these projects.


We can produce for example elements like external or internal structures of missile, structural parts of bodywork, functions of insulation. Our responsiveness, our know-how and the experience of our technicians are perfectly adapted to these demands.


2CA combines your ideas and our knowledge to fit your requirements. 2CA gives you the benefit of a large range of production lines such as wet, light RTM and vacuum moulding.


2CA supplies defense specialized industries in land, naval and aeronautic fields.


2CA has developped a light and tough photovoltaic panel (composites sandwich) with integrated connectors for several applications. 2CA supports you in your materials choices.