Czech Republic

4M Systems A.S.
Slezanu 2296/9
16900 Prague 6

4M Systems A.S.


4M SYSTEMS a.s. is the designer, manufacturer and vendor of tactical gear for the armed forces (military, police, prison service, border protection, etc.). Our product differ from the competence in design, unconventional solutions and comfort.




CZ 4M EXPEDITION 60 combat backpack is designed for use with ballistic vest. For long patrols. Quick release system. Aditional outer pockets to increase volume up to 85 l.


The CZ 4M tactical trousers are designed for a wide range of special military and security operations. Special anatomical design and features, tear resistant material


CZ 4M RAPTOR 2.0 is a compact modular system designed especially for special and response units. Lightweight and highly mobile plate carrier.