5.11 Tactical
Geijersgatan 2B
21618 Limhamn

5.11 Tactical

Defense Products & Services: 1.5" Apex Gunner's Belt by 5.11 Tactical
Defense Products & Services Sectors: Belts, law enforcement
Companies & Organizations: 5.11 Tactical
Countries: Sweden
Description: 1.5" Apex Gunner's Belt

1.5" Apex Gunner's Belt

1.5" Apex T-Rail Belt

1.5" ARC Leather Belt

1.5" Basketweave Leather Belt

1.5" Casual Leather Belt

1.5" Double Duty TDU® Belt

1.5" TDU® Belt

1.5" Trainer Belt

1.75" Double Duty TDU® Belt

1.75" Operator Belt

1.75" TDU® Belt

10.6 Horizontal Pouch

12 Round Shotgun Pouch

2-Banger Bag

3.6 Med Kit Pouch

36" Shock Rifle Case

36" Urban Sniper Bag

4-Banger Bag

42" Shock Rifle Case

42" Urban Sniper Bag

5.11 Aileron Shield™ Glasses Tactical

5.11 Aileron Shield™ Replacement Lenses

5.11 RECON® Desert Boot

5.11 Stryke™ TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt

5.11 Stryke™ TDU® Pant

5.11 Stryke™ TDU® Rapid Long Sleeve Shirt

5.11 Taclite™ 6" Coyote Boot

5.11 Taclite™ 8" Coyote Boot

5.11® Balaclava

5.11® Multicam® Boonie Hat

50" Urban Sniper Bag

6.10 Vertical Pouch

6.6 Med Pouch

6.6 Padded Pouch

6.6 Pouch by 5.11 Tactical

A.T.A.C.® 8" Coyote Boot

A.T.A.C.® Sage 8" CST Boot

Accelar 3 Lens Eyewear

Adapta Pouch

AK Bungee/Cover Single Pouch

Alpha Scout™ Folder Knife

Alpha Scout™ Tanto Knife

Appendix IWB Holster

AR Bungee/Cover Single Pouch

AR Double Bungee, Cover – Multicam

Ascend™ Glasses Tactical

Ascend™ Polarized Glasses Tactical

Basic Single Point Sling with Bungee

BTC (Bourne to Cut) Recurve Tanto Folder Knife

Burner Glasses Tactical

Burner Half Frame Replacement Lenses

Burner Polarized Glasses Tactical

Burner-HF Glasses Tactical

Burner-HF-M Glasses Tactical

C5 Case - L (Phone/PDA) Pouch

Caldus Insulated Glove

Cavu™ - HF Glasses Tactical by 5.11 Tactical

Cavu™ Glasses Tactical

Cavu™ Half Frame Replacement Lenses

Cavu™ Polarized Glasses Tactical

CFK 7 Camp Field Knife

Climb™ Glasses Tactical

Climb™ Polarized Glasses Tactical

Collector's 5.11® Strider SMF Knife

COVRT™ Large Insert Pouch

COVRT™ Pistol Pouch

COVRT™ Small Insert Pouch

Crew Cut Assisted Opener Combo Edge Knife

CS1 Tanto Folder Knife

CS2 Spearpoint Folder Knife

CS3 Dagger Folder Knife

Cuff Case Pouch

Disposable Glove Pouch

Double AK Bungee/Cover Pouch

Double AR Bungee/Cover Pouch

Double Duty Karambit Blade Knife

Double Duty Quick Fix Knife

Double Duty Responder Knife

Double Duty Tactical 1.0 Pen

Double Duty Tactical 1.5 Pen

Double MP5 Bungee/Cover Pouch

Double Pistol Bungee, Cover

Double Pistol Bungee/Cover Pouch

Double Stack 9mm/.40S&W Magazine Pouch

DRT Folding Knife - Plain Edge

DTP Knife

Elevon Glasses Tactical

Elevon Polarized Glasses Tactical

EVO 8" Desert Side Zip Boot

Field OPS Watch

Flash Bang Pouch

G36 Double Mag Pouch

G36 Single Mag Pouch

Game Stalker Fixed Blade Knife

Game Stalker Folder Knife

Game Stalker Knife Sheath

Glock Double Stack 9mm/.40S&W Magazine Pouch

Grab Drag 11

H.R.T.® Titanium Watch

Halcyon Dark Coyote Tactical Boot

Hard Case 36 Foam

Hard Case 42 Foam

Hard Case 50 Foam

Hard Time Gloves

Holster Belt Adapter

Holster Pouch by 5.11 Tactical

Ignitor 4.6 Notebook Pouch

Ignitor 6.5 Pouch

Ignitor Med Pouch

Inceptor Curia Knife

Kold Khukri Knife

Large Drop Pouch™

LBE Compact Holster - Left Hand Pouch

LBE Compact Holster Pouch

LBE Holster

LDE Tanto Folder Knife

Light-Writing Patch

Light-Writing Sleeve Pouch

LMC™ Modified Clip Point Knife

LMC™ Recurve Knife

Maverick Assaulters Belt

Min-Pin Folding Knife - Plain Edge

MP5 Bungee/Cover Single Pouch

Multicam® Flag Bearer Cap

Multicam® TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt

Multicam® TDU® Pant

Multicam® TDU® Rapid Assault Shirt

Operator Axe

Pistol Bungee/Cover Pouch

Praetorian 2 Gloves

Prefense Courser 2.5 Knife

Prefense Courser 3.5 Knife

Prefense Lance Pen

Radio Pouch

Raid Replacement Lenses

Raid™ Glasses Tactical

RFA Combo Assisted Opener Knife

RFA Plain Assisted Opener Knife

Rigid Cuff Pouch

Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve Pouch

SB Mace MK4 Flashlight Pouch

Scene One Gloves

Scout™ Folder Knife

Screen OPS Patrol Gloves

Screen OPS Tactical Gloves

Select Carry Pistol Pouch

Select Carry Sling Pack for Submachine Gun

Sentinel Watch

Shear™ Glasses Tactical

Shear™ Polarized Glasses Tactical

Shield Badge Holder Knife

Shield Badge Holder Knife

Side Kick™ Boot Knife

Side Kick™ Rescue Tool

Sidepick Spearpoint - Combo Edge Knife

Sierra Bravo Baton Loop Pouch by 5.11 Tactical

Sierra Bravo Double Mag Pouch

Sierra Bravo Duty Belt KIT

Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus - 2.25"

Sierra Bravo Flashlight Holder Pouch

Sierra Bravo Handcuff Pouch

Sierra Bravo Latex Glove Pouch

Sierra Bravo Mace Pouch

Single Pistol Case

Speed 3.0 Coyote Sidezip Boot

Speed 3.0 Dark Coyote Rapiddry Boot

Station Grip Gloves

Strobe/GPS Pouch

TAC A2 Gloves

TAC AK2 Gloves

TAC K9 Canine and Rope Handler Glove

TAC NFO2 Gloves

TAC NFOE2 Flight Glove

Taclite® Plate Carrier

Taclite® TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt

Taclite® TDU® Pant

Taclite® TDU® Short Sleeve Shirt

TACLITE®2 Gloves

Tactec AR Mag Pouch

Tactec Holster 2.0

Tactec Pistol Mag Pouch

Tactec Plate Carrier Extender

Tactec Plate Carrier Side Panels

TACTEC™ Flex Kit - Set of 2, Pouch

Tactec™ Plate Carrier

Tactical Karambit Blade Knife

Tactical Karambit Folder Knife

Tanto Surge™ Knife

TDU® Long Sleeve Shirt

TDU® Pant

Thigh Rig

Thumbdrive® Holster: Beretta 92

Thumbdrive® Holster: Glock 17/22

Thumbdrive® Holster: Glock 19/23

Thumbdrive® Holster: Sig Sauer

Thumbdrive® TACPACK - Glock 34/35

Thumbdrive® Thigh Rig

Thumbdrive™ Holster: Glock 34/35

Thumbdrive™ Holster: M&P

Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt


UCR Slingpack

UCR Thigh Rig

Under-Helmet Skull Cap

VTAC® 2 Point Padded Sling

VTAC® 2 Point Sling

VTAC® 5-Round Shotgun Bandolier Pouch

VTAC® Brokos Belt

VTAC® MK II 36" Double Rifle Case

VTAC® MK II 42" Double Rifle Case

VTAC® Shotgun Ammo Pouch

Water Carrier Pouch

Weapen Bitmag

Weapen Tool AR

Wharn for Duty Knife

Women's 1.25" Athena Belt

Women's 1.25" Kella Belt

Women’s TDU® Pant

XPRT Folder Knife

XPRT® 2.0 Tactical Desert Boot

XPRT® Multicam® Rapid Shirt

XPRT® Multicam® Tactical Pant

XPRT® Multicam® Tactical Shirt