5th Dimension
18 Rue Notre Dame De Lorette
75009 Paris

5th Dimension


Our innovation is a hardware solution to protect us while increasing our communication capabilities. It allows us to hear better whether it's on the phone or in our daily interactions. The fruit of our research gives you the power to erase the noise to make words emerge. It's the freedom to hear à la carte.



We produce a range of eyeglasses with arms containing the best of IA, electronics and biotech.

We can not identify our product as a high tech device, nor as a listening one. Our eyeglasses comply fashion and design codes. This object is elegant and beautifully crafted.

For the first time, our frames combine sound control and are not obstructive for the ear.

For example, it acts in a manner contrary to the headset.
Indeed, our solution is based on bone conduction. A transducer excites a light vibration to transmit sounds to the inner ear without going through the auricle.



Four benefits:

  • The ear in not obstructed by an earphone, the wearer is still in connection with his environment and he does not feel obstruction or pressure.
  • The sound heard by the wearer remains clear and people around cannot hear it
  • Frequencies are modulated so that the sound meets wearer’s hearing needs
  • The NFMI audio device is wireless and passes through the human body, without any loss or consequence. (It does not radiate). This audio device is commonly used for under water communication or medical solutions.