A-Forensic IT-Service GmbH
Gentzgasse 9,
1180 Vienna

A-Forensic IT-Service GmbH (Atola Europe)


Atola Technology Inc. develops and offers special tools for the forensic industry, i.e. forensic departments and investigative and government agencies around the globe. Atola was founded in 2003 in Kiev, Ukraine by its CEO, Dmitry Postrigan. With a range of unique products, the team has grown and Atola Technolgy moved its head office to Canada. The office in Vienna is responsible for sales in Europe and other areas.



Our main product, the Atola Insight Forensic is outstanding among other “standard cloners” in being able to even read data from drives with defect sectors.



Key features: <> of all drives while cloning, <> of HDD with defect sectors, <> while imaging a (defect) source evidence media to find credit cards, emails, URLs, IPs, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, keywords etc.- and all this and more besides being the fastest forensic high end cloning and imaging device on the market.




The fastest high end cloning + imaging device for HDD/SDD (even with defect sectors) for forensic professionals of government and investigative organisations.