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AAR Mobility Systems
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AAR Mobility Systems


AAR Mobility Systems is a valued division of AAR Corp., specializing in the development and manufacturing of shelters, shipping and storage containers, and pallet systems for the armed forces, disaster relief, and peacekeeping forces globally. AAR Corp. is a $2 billion world wide supplier of defense, aerospace, aircraft after-market services and products.


Customers of AAR are supported by a global network of agents, distributers and representatives. The company delivers the combination of practical, proactive expertise with the latest technology, rapidly developing platforms that enable customers more efficient and faster systems.



AAR Mobility Systems integrates, manufactures, designs and services a wide range of mobile and deployable products that support humanitarian and military operations:

  • ISU Storage and Shipping Containers
  • Mobile Tactical Shelter Systems
  • Palletized Seating Systems and Air Cargo Pallets
  • Large Selection of Accessories and Product Kits
  • Technical & Sustainment Services


ISU® Containers

ISU® Storage and Shipping Containers

AAR Mobility Systems is a global leader for designing and manufacturing storage and shipping containers. As the only manufacturer of industry recognized ISU® Containers, the company's product design specifications meet or exceed Department of Defense standards for air transportation of equipment and supplies.

AAR containers are available with more than 40 varieties of configuration and can be customized for a range of applications, such as laundries, gun rooms, refrigeration units, dog kennels, maintenance, ATV storage, and many more. Their comprehensive selection of containers are suitable for sealift, land transportation or airlift by any type of military cargo aircraft.


Mobile Shelter Systems

Mobile Tactical Shelter Systems

AAR designs and manufactures a large selection of mobile shelter systems for humanitarian efforts and military operations. These comprehensive intermodal shelters have been developed to provide the maximum flexibility in meeting customer requirements, enable an easy set-up, and deliver rugged lightweight structures built to last.

A wide range of shelter configurations are  obtainable for any mission scenario, including command and control posts, briefing rooms, field kitchens, ablution units, sleeping quarters, tire maintenance facilities, water storage and treatment, supply storage, and more… AAR Mobility Systems is dedicated to the expansion and improvement of their shelter products to meet the dynamic needs of military, disaster relief and peacekeeping forces globally.


Military Air Cargo Pallets

Palletized Seating Systems and Air Cargo Pallets

The US Armed Forces have utilized AAR Mobility Systems' 463L cargo pallet system since the early 1960's, solidifying AAR’s reputation as world leader in the production and design of 463L system pallets. Since 1963, the United States Air Force has moved their cargo with AAR’s revered 6/E Air Cargo Pallet.

Continued developments have resulted in the designs and production of advanced palletized systems, like the undersea rescue platforms for the U.S. Navy, as well as palletized seating systems for military cargo aircraft.


Accessories and Product Kits

AAR Mobility Systems understands that customers sometimes want more than an empty shelter or container. In this instance, AAR offers a range of accessories that can enhance your shelters and ISU® containers in order to achieve the needs of the mission. No less than 800 kits are available to customize container systems, making them ready for a range of battlefield situations.




Technical & Sustainment Services

In addition to shelters, pallet systems and containers, AAR Mobility Systems provides superb after-market support for products, including those made by alternative manufactures. Support services include:

  • Training
  • Mobility Solution Deployment
  • Design & Engineering
  • Testing
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Integration for Shelter Systems

With a rich history of manufacturing excellence, AAR is able extend the life of military systems, integrate bespoke configurations and support the mission's needs from concept, through to design and completion.