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Abeillon SA


ABEILLON designs and manufactures semi-rigid hoses. In particular, we realize audio hoses, special map light, antenna supports and whip antenna.


We have been, for more than 40 years, designer and manufacturer of semi-rigid hoses (goosenecks) for different industries with needs in support, protection and fixed positioning in space of control and monitoring devices, or any other type of devices. Our customers are mainly designer and manufacturers of Audio, Security, Lighting, Medical, Instrumentation, Mechanics equipment.



Finally, we manufacture metal strip or blade based products whose historical applications are omnidirectional portable antennas. A large part of our activity is oriented towards the manufacture of semi-rigid hoses on customer-specific requests. As such we are able to assist you in clarifying your need and throughout the design- validation process to achieve the best solution that can be integrated into your system and into the user environment.



ABEILLON manufactures short antennas and ribbons for portable radio sets in the UHF and VHF frequency ranges mainly for military applications.



These antennas can be mounted on orientable flexible bases also manufactured by ABEILLON.


These antennas are distributed in France and abroad to the manufacturers of radiocommunication sets or directly to end-users.



The design of the ribbon antenna makes it possible, on the one hand, to be able to bend or roll it whatever the direction without damaging it, and on the other hand, its specific coating enables it to withstand the various climatic, chemical or mechanical (tests carried out according to MIL standard military specifications or defence client specifications).




These different models of antennas can be equipped at their base with specific connectors according to the customer’s request (metric thread, Anglo-Saxon, BNC type connector, TNC, N …)



For the sake of performance and quality, all our antennas are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France and are the object of a constant search for improvement.





ABEILLON is a designer and manufacturer of semi-rigid hoses for the audio industry. These audio hoses are intended for different uses:

  • A wide range of hoses with small diameters ranging from 2.8 to 6 mm outside:
    • Application microphones, helmets and headsets for the army: infantry helmet, helicopter pilot helmet, shielded pilot helmet, …
    • Application helmets civilian or in the field of security: police, fire, …
  • Hoses 8-10mm outside diameter for conference room microphones.



These different ranges of flexible goosenecks provide comfort of use of the microphone by their maneuverability and their excellent durability.



Several finishes or coatings are available for these hoses: matt black thermo coating, black paint, bright chrome, raw.



Moreover, at the request of the customer, specific tips can be attached to the ends of the hose to add a microphone or fix it on the headset.



Our clients are among the major international contractors in the military, civil and security sectors. They can be designer or manufacturers of microphones or headsets





ABEILLON military lamps are intended to be used in armored vehicles type vehicles, aircraft, surface boats … Their LED technology benefits from the latest innovations in terms of light qualities (power and color temperature) and combines performance, durability and ergonomics. They are specially designed to optimize the comfort of the user.



Thanks to their latest-generation LEDs, these lamps have the highest accuracy and quality of light without loss of light, making it possible to optimize and target lighting zones with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.



They provide visual comfort for the user with excellent color rendering in illuminated areas and emit neither heat nor UV, making them ideally suited for reading or supplemental lighting in a closed environment