Aeroeletrônica Indústria de Componentes Aviônicos S.A.
Av. Sertório, 4400
Porto Alegre - RS - 91040-620

Aeroeletronica Industria Componentes Avionicos SA


AEL, Aeroeletrônica Indústria de Componentes  Aviônicos S.A., is a Brazilian company that for more than two decades has been devoted to the design, development, certification, manufacture, maintenance and logistical support for military and civil electronic products for application in aircraft, waterborne craft and motor vehicles.


AEL specializes in electrical, armament, communication, radio-navigation and inertial navigation and recognition systems. Elbit Systems Ltd, the biggest private Israeli defense products company, acquired a controlling share of AEL in 2001. Resulting from a long selection process, the acquisition aimed to operationalize the production and maintenance activities of sophisticated avionic systems acquired by the Brazilian Air force for modernizing its F-5 fleet and equipping the new A-29s.


This operation provided a new phase of growth for the company, which invested strongly in facilities, with construction of new premises, acquisition of sophisticated equipment and a policy of constantly developing qualified human resources. As a pioneer in supplying systems for the Tucano T-27 aircraft and the Brazilian-Italian A-1 fighter, the company participates in several programs in the aerospace industry, supplying the National Aerospace Research Institute with projects and equipment for energy supply systems for Brazilian land resource sensing satellites.