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AGP Defense


AGP has focused on the development and improvement of products for Defense and safety applications with the utmost consideration for survivability of platforms utilized by armed and naval forces. Delivering thousands of units of transparent armor systems with features designed to provide the greatest protection and durability. By combining decades of experience with a strategic global presence, AGP will exceed your expectations.



AGP serves military, naval, law enforcement, government, corporate and private clients through the combined resources of four manufacturing plants and business units covering the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East, India and Africa. AGP's strategic global presence allows the company to immediately respond to the needs of customers wherever they may be.



AGP's modern facilities have consistently received new investments to expand production capacities and manufacture the most complex products. These investments have enabled AGP to successfully achieve accreditation for Quality and Processes management systems of the most rigorous international standards. AGP also counts with in-house Ballistic Laboratories for internal performance tests and R&D.



AGP produces transparent armor for military applications that meet and/or exceed the specifications requested in the VPAM APR 2006, EN 1063, STANAG 4569 / AEP-55 and NIJ 0108.01 standards, among others.



AGP Defense is also able to address custom ballistic requirements, which include designing transparent armor systems that maintain their ballistic integrity in extreme environments and against multi-hit threats.



In the last ten years, AGP has sold more than 500.000 pieces of flat and curved bullet-resistant glass. AGP is currently producing an average of 10.000 pieces per month.



Meeting all international norms and aiming at exceeding customer expectations AGP Defense is proud to partner with Government and private enterprises around the globe to provide bespoke product and technology solutions capable of maximizing product life while saving people lives.

Manufacturer of Armaments