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Alford Technologies Ltd.
17-18 Glenmore Business Park Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate
Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 6BB

Alford Technologies Ltd

Defense Products & Services Sectors: Charges, demolition
Companies & Organizations: Alford Technologies Ltd
Description: 20kg Magnet Pad Assembly

20kg Magnet Pad Assembly

Alford Strip™ Charge

Bangalore Blade™ Anti-Obstacle and General Explosive Engineering Charge

BootBanger™ Explosive Charge

Bottler™ Charge

Breacher's Boot™ Charge

Breachers Tape™ Charge

Breaching Kit

Cable Reel

Consultancy Services

Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD) Kit

DemiMod™ Charge

Detcord Junction Clip™

Detonating Cord Clip™

DIOPLEX™ Cutting Charges

FireBreak™ Charge

Gatecrasher Modular™ Charge

Gatecrasher™ Charge

Humanitarian Demining Vulcan™ (HDV) Charge


Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Kit

Krakatoa™ Charge Container

MajorMod™ Charge

Mini Breacher's Boot™ Charge

Mini Detcord Clip™

MiniMod™ Mk2 Charge

MLVD™ Mk2 Charge

Plain Detonator Adaptor™ (PDA™)

Pluton™ 45 Degree Weapon Stand Set

Pluton™ Charge

QMod™ Charge

Range Facilities

Rebar Cutters™ (RBC) Charges

Research & Development Services

Rover Stand™

Small Demolition Magnets

Special Forces (SF) Kit

Split Screw

Training Services

Underwater Kit

Underwater SquidTape™

Universal Demolition Block™ (UDB™)

Van Trepan™ Charge

Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) Kit

Vesuvius™ Charge

Vulcan Counter Limpet Mine System™ (VCLMS™)

Vulcan™ Charge System