United States of America

Ametek Aerospace
50 Fordham Road
Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

Ametek Aerospace


AMETEK Aerospace & Defense is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered and cost effective engine sensor suites, aircraft data management systems, cooling and ventilating systems, environmental control systems, and a variety of sub-assemblies to military and aerospace customers.



Systems: engine/airframe sensor suites; airborne data management; AMPHION arc fault protection/detection/power distribution; fluid management systems; cooling/heating/ventilating environmental control systems. Products: AC&DC motors, fans, blowers, heaters, heat exchangers, emergency power generators, fault detection devices, electronic power-conversion-units, hydraulic pumps, flap motors, starter generators, GCU’s, airborne motorized actuators, and AMPHION solid-state circuit breakers/AC&DC power controllers/relays/power distribution unit cards and sub-systems. Brands: Rotron, Aircontrol, Airscrew, Advanced Industries and Hughes-Treitler.

Manufacturer of Armaments