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Avon Protection Systems


Avon has a strong heritage in designing and manufacturing respirators and combining this with the wealth of experience within the workforce it has secured Avon's position as the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of specialist and general personal respiratory protection solutions for a range of CBRN applications.



Global Market Leader in Respiratory Protection System Technology

Avon's unrivalled mask design pedigree dates from the 1920's, and the company now has users in over 58 countries. Avon's respiratory products are chosen on advanced technology, superior comfort and quality. PPE users worldwide select Avon as their first choice including the United States Department of Defense where Avon is the primary supplier of CBRN PPE.



Avon designs and manufactures a broad respiratory protection portfolio of innovative high-performance and timesaving respiratory PPE. The Avon portfolio includes full face masks, self-contained breathing apparatus, particulate and air-purifying respirators, supplied air, powered air, filters for riot control and CBRN protection, escape devices, escape hoods, rebreather technology, dive computers, complimentary accessories and training packages.



Military Respiratory Protection from Avon Protection

The FM12 is one of Avon's legacy masks, and probably the most widely used respirator across the world. Developed for NATO military operations, the FM12 is suited for civilian law enforcement and first responder applications.

Developed using Avon's successful US Military M50/JSGPM platform, the C50 provides maximum operational flexibility to counter multiple threat scenarios. With the appropriate filter, the C50 can protect against a wide range of CBRN threats.

The FM50 is part of the latest generation of Avon CBRN full face mask, suitable for military and specialist applications. The twin filter conformal system sits close against the face, providing high protection and very low breathing resistance. This allows greater ease of weapon deployment.

The FM53 is the only mask of its kind offering versatility, comfort and protection. This technically advanced mask has been specifically developed for specialist operators which require both positive pressure SCBA, CCBA, APR/PAPR and negative pressure capability.

Avon's revolutionary ST53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) system has been developed specifically for specialist applications. This versatile technology allows the user to respond to changing operational conditions without having to leave and change equipment.

The NIOSH approved NH15 is the world's smallest single use escape Respirator. Designed specifically for users in CBRN emergency incidents, the respiratory hood provides the wearer with high level of respiratory, eye and face protection.

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