United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bennett Safetywear Ltd
7-11 Mersey Road, Crosby
Liverpool, Merseyside, L23 3AF

Bennett Safetywear Ltd


Bennett Safetywear Ltd (BSL) has developed an excellent reputation for providing cost-effective solutions, delivering high quality products and its commitment to continuous innovation. The company currently has 35 employees based at its manufacturing site in Merseyside.



BSL pioneered the introduction of knitted cut-resistant gloves over 30 years ago. Since then an extensive range of protective gloves has been developed, including trusted brands such as Polysafe®, Protex®, Fabritex® and Hytex®. More recently BSL has moulded a star with its Needlestop® puncture-resistant gloves and clothing, whilst simultaneously paving the way for the PPE industry’s fight against bacteria with the groundbreaking Dermos® range.


BSL also manufactures market defining protective clothing, featuring both heat-resistant and cut-resistant ranges (comprising trousers, jumpers, aprons, wrist guards, sleeves and jackets). There is even a range of items offering varying degrees of ballistic protection.

Manufacturer of Armaments