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Bosserman Aviation Equipment Inc
2327 State Route 568
Carey, OH 43316

Bosserman Aviation Equipment Inc


Public Notice In the Matter of First Federal Bank of the Midwest, Plaintiff vs Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc., et al., Defendants Supplemental Complaint Joining ProFlo Industries, Inc., Defendant Before the Court of Common Pleas, Wyandot County, Ohio, Case #14 CV 0089 Court Ordered Receivership and Asset Liquidation of Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc.


Bosserman Aviation Equipment, Inc (BAE, Inc) has over fifty years of combined experience in the designing, manufacturing, and rebuilding of aircraft refueling equipment. The company manufactures refuelers from 600 to 15,000 gallons, hydrant servicers, ramp servicers, and can supply above ground storage systems.


BAE, include the following:

  • Fuel farm inspections.
  • Field refueler inspection and repairs.
  • Custom paint jobs and body repairs.
  • Refueler and hydrant servicers commissioning.
  • Above ground storage system designs & installations.
  • Computer Autocad engineering services.
  • Fueling equipment and refurbishment.
  • Buying and selling of used equipment.
  • Custom refueling equipment designing.
  • Manufacturer of refuelers, hydrants and rampservicers.
  • Appraisals & Brokering.
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