Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co., Ltd.
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi

Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co Ltd


Changhe Aircraft Industries Group Co., Ltd. (Changhe Aircraft), under the leadership of Aviation Industry of China, is located in the famous porcelain capital, Jingdezhen City. The company has the capability of development and series production of multi-type, multi-series, multi-model of helicopters and subcontract production of aviation parts and assemblies.



Changhe Aircraft, established in 1969, covers the area of 1.29 million sq. meters and 0.22 million sq. meters are construction area. There are more than 4300 employees and more than various 4000 sets of equipment. The company has strong technical capabilities on scientific research and production, and preferable cold and heat processing capability and means. Moreover, Changhe Aircraft has strong physical & chemical test, metrology, avionics, flight test, digital management and manufacture capability.



Changhe Aircraft has a 37-year history for developing and manufacturing the helicopter, and has developed and manufactured Z-8, Z-11 helicopter successively.

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