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Easat Antennas Ltd
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Easat Antennas Ltd

Defense Products & Services Sectors: Radars, ground-based, fixed, air traffic control
Companies & Organizations: Easat Antennas Ltd
Description: Advanced Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

Advanced Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

Advanced X-Band Solid-State Surface Movement Radar

Antenna RF Testing and Evaluation Services

D-CASS EA11570 Transportable Radar System

EA16038D Solid State Transceiver

EA21650 Antenna Transportable Air Traffic Control Radar

EA2526-DF Antenna Vessel Traffic Systems and Coastal Surveillance

EA2526-XS Antenna Enhanced Radio Frequency Performance

EA3462 X-Band Antenna

EA3462 X-Band Antenna High Performance Sea Surface Surveillance

EA45075 Naval Radar Antenna

EA5325 ATC Primary Surveillance Antenna

EA7401D FMCW Stacked Array Antenna

EA7401H Anti-Icing Array

EA7401M X-Band Linear Array SMR ASDE Antenna

EP0409 Single / Dual Drive Pedestal

EP0711 Pedestal for Radar Antennas

EP1643 Pedestal Radar Antennas

Equipment Shelter for Air Traffic Control

FB Monotube Towers for Air Traffic Control

Lattice Towers for Air Traffic Control

Long-range Coastal Surveillance & Vessel Traffic Services (VTS)

M10AL ADS-B/MLAT Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast

Primary Surveillance Radar Systems

Radar Antenna Design Services

Radar Antenna Maintenance Services

Radar Antenna Refurbishment / System Upgrade Services

Slimline Monotube Towers for Air Traffic Control

Transportable Coastal Surveillance Radar System

Transportable Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar