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Ensil Inc
1901 Maryland Avenue
Niagara Falls, NY, 14305

Ensil Inc


Ensil is a member of the Ensil group of companies (, and it focuses on enhanced mission-critical technologies in the areas of Aerospace, Defence and Medical Diagnostic Equipment. Ensil's Research and Development division's mission is to develop new technologies or improve existing technologies, leveraging its in-house engineering expertise to achieve the product development and client's technical requirements.


For over 30 years Ensil Group of Companies have been involved in research, development, repair, rework, test, inspection of electronic circuit boards and manufacturing of systems, assemblies and various products used in the fields of Defense, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Telecommunication and Robotics.



Ensil is a supplier of equipment and technical solutions for Military Communications, Command & Control and Electronic Warfare systems.

Manufacturer of Armaments