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ForceOne LLC
3600 Hebron Rd.
Hebron, OH 43025

ForceOne LLC


ForceOne is a well established manufacturer of body armor that is dedicated to quality performance for military and law enforcement professionals.



The company's team of experts have set out to redefine the way that body armor and other protective equipment is developed; building new and improved combinations of ballistic packages. ForceOne focuses on creating mission-specific ballistic armor engineered with new, lighter-weight and improved materials, increased functionality and good looks. ForceOne provides the most comfortable, technologically-advanced body armor and equipment available.


ForceOne is a leading body armor manufacturer that services all levels of ballistic protection from personal concealable to full tactical. ForceOne currently manufactures body armor for the Department of Homeland Security, US Military, DEA, US Marshals Service, Border Patrol, Bomb and S.W.A.T teams, correction officers and all levels of state and local law enforcement.

Manufacturer of Armaments