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GBR Technology Ltd
Unit 6, Jupiter House, Calleva Park
Aldermaston Reading, Berkshire RG7 8NN

GBR Technology Ltd


GBR Technology Ltd was formed in 1993 as the fluids offshoot of CVC Scientific Products, a well-established player in the vacuum market. GBR Technology Ltd rapidly became the UK market leader for vacuum fluids and expanded into export markets globally.


The company is the only official UK/Ireland distributor for DuPont™ Krytox® performance lubricants, where it can offer solutions for many specialist applications.  GBR Technology also represents DuPont Coating and Release Systems products namely Dry Film®, Trasys® and Vydax® brands. Together these brands represent the leading edge of fluorinated lubricant technology. 


GBR Technology is also a UK market leader for Advanced Amenity Products & Professional Turf Care Solutions.

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