General Starlight Co Inc
P.O. Box 32154
Richmond Hill L4C9S3

General Starlight Co Inc


General Starlight Co Inc (GSCI) manufactures a full line of high-performance night vision, thermal imaging and a variety of proprietary enhanced/fusion optical systems. 
Since 1992 and to the present day the company supplies its equipment to law enforcement, military, SWAT, police, surveillance, coast guard, border patrol, search & rescue, special operations, reconnaissance, safety, security, antiterrorism enforcement and other professional users.


GSCI is one of few full-cycle R&D, Designing, System Integrating Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Manufacturing companies.
The company offers to Defense and Law Enforcement Customers Worldwide many years of experience in repair, maintenance and refitting of existing Night Vision Devices with new Image Intensifier Tubes.

GSCI is a Multiple Government Contracts Award Winner, fully licensed, authorized and ISO 9001:2008 certified company.  

Manufacturer of Armaments