Glagio do Brasil
Rua dos Pampas, 332
Prado, Belo Horizonte, MG 30410-580

Glagio do Brasil


Glagio do Brasil is specialized in manufacture of bulletproof vests, ballistics helmets, ballistic plates, and ballistic solutions to helicopters, cars and vessels. With a five year warranty, Glágio products are manufactured in different sizes and formats, depending on the needs of each client. 


The Company is certified by the National Institute of Justice of the United States, in accordance with NIJ standards O101.04, 0115.00, 0106.01 and 0108.01. It is also approved by Brazilian Army’s Marambaia Proving Ground, Brazilian Ministry of Defense, in addition to the standard STANAG 2920 and STANAG 4569.


Glágio do Brazil is ISO 9001 certified, which ensures the high quality of products and equipments manufactured using the latest technology and offering complete safety to users.

Manufacturer of Armaments