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GMD Solutions Inc
2121 Eisenhower Ave., Suite 600
Alexandria, Virginia

GMD Solutions Inc


GMD Solutions, Inc. draws on a combined more than 100 years worth of experience in the aerospace, defense, and commercial industrial sectors, and within the Federal Government, to provide a full range of successful marketing and business consulting services.



The company assists clients in identifying and capturing new markets in North America for their products and services in both the government and commercial sectors through market research & market analysis, business strategy development, direct marketing and sales, and all aspects of government contracting, including proposal writing, source selection activities, and dispute resolution. GMD Solutions assists in the identification of U.S. teaming partners, including through mergers and acquisitions. 


GMD Solutions, Inc. also provides representation services to the Federal Government for its clients, including problem-solving, monitoring budget, legislation and program status issues of interest, and addressing foreign ownership (FOCI) issues. Company's international marketing capabilities include a world-wide network, identification and project support for multilateral development bank opportunities, as well as developing and executing offset and countertrade programs for clients.