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Greene, Tweed & Co
2075 Detwiler Road, P.O. Box 305
Kulpsville, PA 19443-0305

Greene, Tweed & Co


As a leading manufacturer of high-performance elastomers, advanced-engineered thermoplastics, high-performance thermoplastic composites, and integrated material solutions, Greene, Tweed is a global company with facilities across North America, Europe and Asia.


Greene, Tweed solutions significantly enhance the safety and performance of critical applications in the aerospace, semiconductor, oilfield and petrochemical and power industries. They are essential components of larger machines whose value extends far beyond their stature.


Greene, Tweed entered the aerospace industry over 50 years ago with sealing systems for landing gear. Today its sealing systems remain the gold standard, and the company has continued to innovate with capabilities such as award-winning Xycomp® DLF® thermoplastic composite.


Recognized by both customers and industry experts as an excellent lightweight metal replacement, it provides exceptional performance while helping reduce fuel burn for aircraft. Xycomp is also manufactured using cleaner processes as part of our eco-innovation™ initiative. With design, testing and manufacturing expertise around the world, the company provides sealing systems and thermoplastic composite solutions for the most critical aerospace applications.

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