Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) Co Ltd
9/F, GAIC Bldg, NO.49, South Zhonghua Rd
Guiyang, Guizhou 550002

Guizhou Aviation Industry (Group) Co Ltd


Guizhou Aviation Industry Corp. (GAIC) belongs to AVIC, which was established in 1964. GAIC is a corporation of military and public products linked by capital and sale with a combination of manufacture, trade, scientific research and finance. 


There are 46 institutions, among them, there are 4 aero plane and 7 aero plane engine manufacturers, 10 aircraft equipment factories, 10 manufacturers of aviation forgeable piece, casting, standard piece, rubber piece, Liyuan hydraulic pressure and 2 Guizhou Aviation public companies.


Main aviation products: aero plane and aircraft engine, aircraft equipment, aviation forgeable piece, casting, standard piece, rubber piece, fuel pump, hydraulic pressure pump, rocket emitter, various aviation electrical motor, electrical relay, power switch, socket connector, electrically operated mechanism, electromagnetic valve etc. Non-aviation products: Miniature car, bus, dustbin car, parts of cars and motor cars, tobacco machine, construction equipment, hydraulic pressure foundation piece, medical appliance, agricultural machine such as cotton picker and public products like coal equipment.

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