Honeywell Aerospace GmbH
Frankfurter Strasse 41-65
65479 Raunheim

Honeywell Aerospace GmbH


Germany is a large national market for Honeywell and an important manufacturing location. With more than 45 years of R&O experience on Honeywell Aerospace products, Honeywell Aerospace GmbH is considered a leading facility in the servicing of APU and system components.


In addition to a broad range of MRO programs, the company manufactures APUs for EFA2000/Typhoon, as well as start carts for airports worldwide. Honeywell Aerospace's engineering expertise, combined with the world-class German apprenticeship program, have made Honeywell Aerospace GmbH a trusted resource for customer service and support.


A part of the Honeywell Aerospace Aviation Aftermarket Services' global repair and overhaul network, Raunheim is the largest center for Honeywell Aerospace products outside the U.S., covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and is fully integrated with Honeywell's other European repair facilities to offer seamless service. Honeywell Aerospace GmbH has direct access to a wide array of products and services - be it engineering support, spare parts, or rental engine banks.

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