Hongdu Aviation Industry Group
Xinxiqiao, P.O.Box: 5001-500
Nanchang, Jiangxi, P.R.China

Hongdu Aviation Industry Group


Hongdu Aviation Industry Group (HONGDU), formerly known as Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, is a super large backbone enterprise under China Aviation Industry Corporation II. 


After about 50 years' development, it has become a high science & technology enterprise group combining scientific research, production and marketing of the aviation products, motorcycles, motors and textile machineries.


HONGDU is a main base in China for developing and producing attackers, trainers and light utility aircraft. In the past 50 years since its establishment, HONGDU has developed and produced more than ten types of aircraft, such as primary trainers PT5, PT6 (Petrel), fighter F6, attackers A5 series, transport airplane Y5, agricultural airplane N5, fighters F12 and basic trainers K8, totally over 4000 aircraft.


The products are mainly serving the Chinese Air Force and Navy, and some of them are sold to domestic companies, agricultural aviation service centers, flight clubs and exported to some Asian and African countries. 

Manufacturer of Armaments