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IB Consultancy Ltd


IB Consultancy is an independent defense and security company dedicated to making this world a safer and more secure place. To achieve this we provide rapid, innovative defence and security services to government, trade & industry. Our services are always fully tailored to meet your requirements helping you reach your objectives.

We connect businesses, governments and NGOs from different continents in our common goal to make this world a safer and more secure place.



Excellent network

IB Consultancy has a comprehensive network of stakeholders, lobbyists, subject matter experts and decision makers which has been shaped by our highly skilled consultants. They bring with them their networking knowledge from international organisations, national government departments, research institutes, and companies in support of your business.




IB Consultancy knows the defense and security community and the community knows us. We have a broad and deep understanding of the marketplace; having worked on many different missions for clients, organised many events and led and participated in projects for various government departments and agencies.




Ask insiders and our clients about IB Consultancy and you will hear about our excellent reputation; we have earned this because of our core values, expert knowledge and ability to deliver.

The IB Consultancy expertise and network is your guarantee that you will always have the best people to work on your project.



Our services include:

  • Defence and Security Research
  • Organisation of worldwide Defence and Security events
  • Business Consultancy and Public Affairs
  • Threat Assessment Reports





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