ImageSat International NV

ImageSat International NV


ImageSat International N.V. provides earth-imagery from its EROS very high resolution constellation of satellites, principally for national defense, homeland security, environmental protection, emergency services and national development, as well as a wide range of civilian applications worldwide.


The company is the owner and operator of the EROS-A and EROS-B high/very high resolution earth observation optical satellites.


A wide variety of services is offered by the company, utilizing the EROS satellites high quality imagery and other sources of data. These services include:

  • Satellite-based imaging: rapid tasking and archive imagery
  • Integration of imaging sensors
  • Interpretation and analysis of imagery
  • Photogrammetry and mapping
  • Training in geospatial intelligence topics
  • Establishment of imaging satellites ground  stations


EROS (Earth Resource Observation Satellites) satellites are lightweight, low earth-orbiting, high/ very high resolution optical imaging satellites designed for fast maneuvering between areas of interest. Their capabilities include stereo pairs and multiple images of a specified area during the same pass of the satellite, imaging of scattered areas of interest, and imaging at low illumination conditions.

An essential, strategic and tactical imaging intelligence tool for use by Air Forces, Naval Forces and Ground Forces, EROS imagery is employed for surveillance, mission planning and execution, as well as training and simulation. The imagery data is provided fast and in a confidential manner.

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