Industria Condensatori SpA
via Isonzo 10
20900 Monza

Industria Condensatori SpA


Industria Condensatori SpA (ICAR) has been producing high tech products since it was established in Monza, Italy, back in 1946.


Company's production and competence initially focused on lighting and motor run capacitors, on capacitors for electronic applications (radio broadcasting, television, etc) and capacitors for military use. 


The company now produces high voltage stress stabilizers polypropylene capacitors and are one of the few manufacturers worldwide to propose heavy duty “paper in oil” technology capacitors.


ICAR is also widely established and rely on extensive know-how in the field of energy storage and fast discharge capacitors; a world leadership which has always earned it cutting edge technology.


With its 7 highly vertically integrated plants located throughout Europe the company is the only manufacturer in the world to control the whole polypropylene capacitor chain of production: from virgin polypropylene to end product. 

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