Industria Naval do Ceara SA
Av. Beira Mar, 100 - Praia de Iracema
CEP 60060-610 - Fortaleza - Ceará

Industria Naval do Ceara SA


Industria Naval do Ceara SA (INACE) is a Brazilian private shipyard owned by the same family since 1968. National leader in construction of luxury motor yachts and patrol vessels, and it is noteworth one of the largest offshore vessels providers in the country. It is almost 900 vessels delivered in more than four decades, combining tradition and constant innovation in shipbuilding.


Shipyard's facilities include:
Naval workshops for treatment, sheet metal cutting and assembly of sub-sections and smaller blocks, with 9,500 m2. 
Workshops carpentry and joinery manufacturing and pre-assembly of the finish of the compartments including mobile and ground covers, with an area of 50 x 70m (3500m2). 
Transfer gap to move laterally boats up to 70m in length for a distance of up to 160m. 
Platform for docking and launching vessels, consisting of synchrolift system with 12 winches. 
Mooring docks vessels to berth tests of completion and sea, with a length of 350m and a maximum draft of 5.6M. 
Monthly processing capacity of 200t of steel or aluminum 70t.



The extensive experience of several years in the market, the INACE shipyard is able to perform any kind of repair or refit services, regarding the shipbuilding industry in floating vessels. For instance, structural failures, blasting or painting services and general maintenance(mechanical, electrical, etc.).



The INACE Shipyard has 30 years of experience in the military vessels construction, which stands out the 200 and 500 tons patrol ships. This segment also includes fast boats, landing craft, hydro-oceanographic ships and support vessels to submarines training. Besides the Brazilian Navy, INACE has also as a client, the Namibian Navy.

Manufacturer of Armaments