Instytut Lotnictwa
al. Krakowska 110/114
02-256 Warsaw

Instytut Lotnictwa


Instytut Lotnictwa (Institute of Aviation) provides research services of the highest quality to companies worldwide.



Since its inception, the Institute of Aviation has been engaged in research aimed at practical application of the results of its work. The main areas of scientific interest included the development of aeronautics and astronautics.


The development policy of the Institute of Aviation is based on continuing the traditional areas of research. These include aero-dynamics, design and testing of aviation structures, aviation instrumentation, propulsions and on intensive implementation of new areas, such as CAD, new materials testing techniques, design of adaptation systems, application of micro- and nano-technology, use of alternative energy sources, application of aviation technologies in medicine and health protection and finally local aviation transport.



The Institute of Aviation consists of  five departments:

  • Materials & Structures Research Center
  • Center of New Technologies
  • Center of Space Technologies
  • Engineering Design Center
  • Center for Composite Technologies
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