United States of America

Kaman Aerospace Corporation
Old Windsor Road, P.O. Box 2
Bloomfield, CT 06002

Kaman Aerospace Corporation


Kaman Aerospace produces and markets widely used proprietary aircraft bearings and components; complex metallic and composite aerostructures for fixed and rotary wing aircraft; safing and arming solutions for missile and bomb systems; subcontract helicopter work; and supports the company's helicopters.



Kaman Aerosystems designs and builds flight-critical components, structures and systems for the most challenging technical and operational applications.



Company's Fuzing and Precision Products division works with a range of military and commercial clients on projects that include Missile and Bomb safing and fuzing; high precision LIDAR and Eddy-Current sensing; advanced defense aircraft data storage and retrieval; and other specialized services.


Kaman's Specialty Bearings and Engineered Products division manufactures specialty bearings for aviation, marine and other industrial applications for domestic and international customers.



The company is a part of Kaman Corporation. 

Manufacturer of Armaments